Scott Dermott Media

Software Engineer

I am a hands-on, highly competent software & network engineer with 8 years’ experience designing, programming and testing software across a variety of platforms. I have worked on numerous projects from concept to completion.

Things I Can Do

I really like to write var me = 'Good Quality Code'; alert(me); A specialist in both server side & client based programming languages, I take pride in coding to consistently high standards and regularly refresh my skills to ensure I keep up with ongoing developments.

  • JavaScript, PHP & Java
  • Re-factor & Test
  • Research & Development
  • Drink a lot of coffee
  • Use the latest technologies
  • Agile & Scrum

A Few Accomplishments

Here are some projects i have been involved in.

South Wales Bikers

Little portfolio website created for friends

CJ Home Inspectors

Front end website & full back office CMS system


A global elearning platform for distributors and customers. Training portal which supports online exams and certification. Extensive back office & monitoring


Tracks price changes of products its users have selected and sends notifications regarding these price changes.

Contact Me

Got an idea? want to make it reality? get in touch and lets have a coffee & a chat